elsewhere bar



ess21: Rhys Bynon

Friday night Boogie Show guest resident, Rhys Bynon [The Nicest Man in Showbiz] joins us for the first elsewhere sound series of 2018.


ess20: noah

elsewhere sound series welcomes Sunday Royale weekly resident Noah to round out 2017 in style.


ess17: flex cop / 07.09.17

Our decorated BNE connection Flex Cop is up next in the elsewhere sound series, lending his floaty tech touch to the seventeenth edition.


ess16: Lockhart / 03.08.17

The lovable Lockhart brothers, staple Friday Boogie Show guests Eden & Flin are up next to share two hours in their minds for the sixteenth in our elsewhere sound series.


ess15: sunshine

Leading our elsewhere sound series into the euphoric gospel techno domain, please welcome Revolver Saturday mornings resident of 14 incredible years; Sunshine.


ess14: Samin / 28.06.17

Diving into the 14th offering in our elsewhere sound series, please make welcome the ever-talented Joel Samin, captain of our High Distinction Thursdays.


ess13: set mo / 07.06.17

Leading our elsewhere sound series into infectious hands-in-the-air territory, Nick & Stu have prepared the 13th edition for you, packed full of warmth & groove to keep you sane in the cooler months.


ess12: wongo / 04.17

Shining a light on homegrown talent, our dear friend Wongo takes the reins for the 12th piece in our elsewhere sound series. With no shortage of club jams and party starters under his playful belt, Wongo's the type of cat that wants the dancefloor sweating, and he certainly knows how to get it done.

ess11 jensen interceptor - 03.17

ess11: jensen interceptor / 03.17

Assigning some tough edges to our elsewhere sound series, please welcome Friday guest Jensen Interceptor for the 11th chapter. With consistent releases on Boys Noize Records, Bromance, Motorik and Central Processing Unit under the hood, he shares with us now an unrelenting techno hour with a few exclusive gems.


ess10: latour / 03.17

Taking us firmly into the double digits, please welcome Saturday mainstay Codie Latour, giving us a pumping full-body workout for the tenth in our elsewhere sound series.


ess09: will d. ness / 01.17

Leading us into the next cycle, Friday mainstay and guest resident Will D. Ness takes us deep into woodland club with the ninth chapter of our elsewhere sound series.


ess08: jimmy d / 12.16

Having worked tirelessly on his craft since the late 1990's, and with an unfaltering motive to push the boundaries of expression, the next dose of our elsewhere sound series comes to you from Sunday Royale resident & director Jimmy D.


ess07: tim fuchs / 09.16

Next up to the plate with the seventh chapter in our elsewhere sound series, a man needing little introduction; Tim Fuchs. Ahead of his return to our social club on Friday September 30th, he's put together this mix for you; an interpretation of a Friday night under our roof.


elsewhere sound series: 06 The Aston Shuffle / 06.16

Taking charge of the sixth in the elsewhere sound series, none other than Australian industry authorities Vance Musgrove and Mikah Freeman, whom you may know as The Aston Shuffle.


elsewhere sound series: 05 Yolanda Be Cool / 06.16

Sliding ever so smoothly into the fifth episode of our elsewhere sound series; Bondi duo Matt & Andy, better known as Yolanda Be Cool. In spite of their many successes on the world stage, the boys still just want to make people dance, and let their music do the talking.


elsewhere sound series: 04 Audun / 06.16

Taking the reins for the fourth in our elsewhere sound series, Friday resident Audun. With 13 years’ experience in our booth and beyond, Audun has dedicated his life to ensuring the environments around him are richer and more diverse with his influence.


elsewhere sound series: 03 Jad & The Ladyboy / 05.16

Up next in our elsewhere sound series, the silky smooth Jad & The Ladyboy. With a host of forward-shifted sounds on credible imprints such as Exploited Records, Sonar Kollektiv, Retrofit, and Toy Tonics, it's only fitting to have Jad contribute to our sound series, atop the occasional Friday at elsewhere.


elsewhere sound series: 02 Six Shooter / 05.16

The second in our elsewhere sound series comes to you courtesy of in-house gunslinger Six Shooter.


elsewhere sound series: 01 Dreems [Multi Culti] / 04.16

To kickstart our sonic output into the wide web of noise, our dear friend Dreems has prepared the first piece in our elsewhere sound series.