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Sunshine [Revolver/Mel]



sunshine-webIt is our absolute pleasure to return to you the premier purveyor of gospel techno, 14 years the Saturday morning resident of Revolver Upstairs;Sunshine.

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Earning her stripes in a myriad of different spaces around Melbourne, what sets Sunshine apart from the rest is sheer versatility—you’re just as likely to hear bleeding-edge techno alongside tech house, house and disco all in the space of one beer.

As a teenager growing up in Perth, Sunshine tapped into the illegal rave scene from an early age, nurturing a growing interest in dance music. Several years on the dancefloor led to her first vinyl purchase, exploring the worlds of hip hop, jazz, funk, soul, disco, house and techno. By the time she moved to Melbourne in 1998, she’d amassed her first crate and a dream to DJ. Within a year she’d garnered her first gig, at a small party in Port Melbourne. Naturally, she started playing bars around town, eventually working her way up to sets in the side rooms of the bigger parties such as 33 & 1/3.

By 2003, Sunshine had turned enough heads to be offered a weekly 5 hour set at Revolver Upstairs on Saturday mornings, a reasonably prestigious set in the grand scheme of things. She grabbed the chance with both hands and made it her own. 2013 saw the monumental celebration of her 10 year Anniversary.

Aside from dominating the Melbourne clubbing landscape with warm, infectious DJ sets, Sunshine has also been focusing her efforts on production, more recently founding the Disco Faith Productions; an outlet for her current direction with the Disco Faith Choir and the building blocks of a new creative community.
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