elsewhere bar



Heading north with blind optimism, a good sense of direction and a tent, two southerners embark on a search for salty skin and morning swims; clean living and individual expression. From the fast-paced world of Melbourne city – working in, representing and operating some of the country’s finest and highly awarded nighttime entertainment establishments – Simone Jenkins and Benny Roney were longing for a new venture in the more relaxed lifestyle of Queensland.

Searching from Byron to Brisbane for the inspiration that would satisfy the challenge of bringing something culturally unique to the area, the pair stumbled across a derelict, third floor storage room; a rabbit warren of shelves and piles of junk in the heart of Surfers Paradise which held a very rare 5am cabaret licence.

In the make-over, more than 15 skip bins of concrete and debris were removed, walls were knocked down and supporting beams erected throughout months of gruelling labour by the hands-on, determined southern ex-pats with a dream. This storage space succumbed to vision, TLC and determination to emerge as a sophisticated lady of the night in 2003. elsewhere was born.


As a physical venue the evolution has continued, from the stunning pennylane outdoor area and a second, upper-mezzanine level bar to the continual rotation of artwork and constant eclectic additions.

Cemented among the top nightclubs, 2007 saw elsewhere officially recognised by our industry as offering the best music in Australia with subsequent nominations of owner-operator Benny Roney as one of the best venue operators in Australia and one of its key barmen, Mark Walker, nominated among the top bartenders in the country.

With the foresight and passion of its team, elsewhere continues to fill a niche in the creative social arena through not only music, events and guests, but also design and visual aesthetics. This has lead to the venue being actively sought after as a unique and diverse backdrop for fashion labels, elite tier music acts, commercial network television programs and National Geographic.


elsewhereelsewhere’s commitment to its guests and the community forever remains a focal point for management and staff.

Collaboration with some of the biggest cultural events and music festivals has laid the foundation leading to elsewhere’s own branching out into the outdoor arena.

Improvements to the overall quality and delivery of the service which has set elsewhere apart are ceaseless, always striving to provide a totally unique nightclub experience that focuses on communication and social mingling as much as the music and drink selection.

elsewhere’s involvement with local designers, artists, universities and local industry authorities, as well as the support of local talent joined by the best of Australia and the world, will all continue as the backbone of our ethos.

It has been my extraordinary privilege to participate in the establishment of elsewhere bar in which no individual alone can claim responsibility for defining the diverse subculture which it has become. Profound credit goes to the many hands on deck, past and present, who have contributed to establishing this magnificent little room, and I can not thank them enough. Also for the amazing support that we have had from the community, local authorities, members and guests, and from fellow-industry stakeholders who have had so much to do with bringing vision, joy, creativity and festivity in a safe and homely setting, I give my unreserved thanks.” – Benny Roney, elsewhere co-founder.